ZapChain Interview with Melissa Volkmann, Lead Designer at Hashrabbit

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by Eugenia Romanenko · 2 min read
ZapChain Interview with Melissa Volkmann, Lead Designer at Hashrabbit
HashRabbit lead designer, Melissa Volkmann, in interview with ZapChain. Screenshot: Melissa Volkmann/ YouTube

Recently, Melissa Volkmann, the lead designer at HashRabbit promoting the idea of revising the Bitcoin industry’s creative direction, has been interviewed by ZapChain.

In an interview produced by ZapChain, Melissa Volkmann, a ‘tech nerd’ and lead designer at Hashrabbit, stresses the importance of Bitcoin’s design and speaks about the major flaws in the bitcoin space.

Answering ZapChain’s questions, Melissa speaks about her working and learning at Hashrabbit, her earliest experience with Bitcoin, and explains why there are few designers in the industry. According to Ms Volkmann, the industry may be  ‘too tecnical’ for designers and that’s why there aren’t so many of them involved in it.

As for the biggest design flaws, Melissa mentions overlap of many assets and misuse of it. She explains that different companies tend to use the same assets and the Bitcoin logo is used for a lot of product logos.That can be really confusing.

Not so long ago she published an article regarding the Bitcoin symbol. It’s worth mentioning, the article was quite popular and obtained mostly positive feedback. The designer says that users approached her via her Twitter account telling that the article was really convincing.

“Bitcoin is a currency and should be properly represented as such if we want to be taken seriously in the global financial market,” states Ms Volkmann in her article. It looks like this lady is quite serious about the Bitcoin industry even not being involved in mining.

To Ƀ or not to ฿? That’s the main question she asks. Well, probably it’s time to answer and to change for the best.

As for ZapChain Show, they also produced some pretty interesting interviews with Andreas Antonopoulos, author of Mastering Bitcoin, a guide through the seemingly complex world of bitcoin, Peter Todd, a Bitcoin Core developer and innovator in the decentralized digital currency space, Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, and now an engineering manager at Coinbase, and Jered Kenna, an early Bitcoin investor and entrepreneur.


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