Blockchain Launches, Previews Unreleased Android App

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Blockchain Launches, Previews Unreleased Android App
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Blockchain, a bitcoin wallet service, introduced its new website.

Blockchain, a popular bitcoin wallet and block explorer service, has officially presented its website. The firm concluded a 5-year contract to use the site in the middle of April.

The domain name was previously owned by Blockchain’s main competitor Coinbase.

At first, the community members thought the firm will use the site in order to promote its goods. Still, the concept of the site has altered. It will be useful for those, who want to learn more about bitcoin. The site will also be useful for people who explore the digital currency for the first time.

“It’s with great excitement that we unveil the new, a user-friendly resource that shows how to acquire, store and spend your bitcoins. The more bitcoin grows, the more resources like this are essential for its ecosystem to flourish. If you’re looking to introduce a friend or family member to bitcoin, this is a great starting point.”

With the new web portal, the company hopes to increase bitcoin adoption among its customers. It stated: “We’re excited to create new learning experiences and introduce millions of new users to bitcoin as a result of this exclusive deal.”

The site was translated to about 70 languages, including Zulu, Persian and Czech.

According to Business Insider, Blockchain is also planning to update its wallet application on Android devices in the middle of July. As Blockchain representatives told the media, the new app will have a higher security level. Moreover, it will be more consumer friendly than the previous versions.

Given 5 years of bitcoin existence, a lot of Bitcoin firms still lack adequate security protocol. Blockchain COO Peter Smith told Business Insider that “They’re giant pools of money,” which makes them vulnerable.

Blockchain is also going to resubmit its iOS app after Apple has recently updated its policy that now allows bitcoin apps to be used via the platform.

The update reads: “Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions.”

Last week, Blockchain collaborated with GogoCoin to issue 2mBTC plastic cards that will allow users to redeem their mBTC via wallets on

The users of are greeted by a video “What is bitcoin?”, while the current bitcoin price is showed in the top corner. The site also explains how to use bitcoin, how bitcoin wallets work.

Besides, users are directed to the main bitcoin companies – Coinbase, Overstock and Bitpay.

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